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Snorkeling on Kos: The 3 best snorkel spots according to locals

Snorkeling on Kos is fantastic. Its not for nothing that it’s one of the most popular island in Greece, and the facilities to snorkel are top notch. The island is actually pretty close to Turkey and got that delightful climate. Its area is 290km2 making it a relatively big island. It’s coastal line reaches a total length of 112 kilometers, enough places to go snorkeling on Kos we’d say! Another great thing to do on the island is taking a bicycle on one of the many great cycling paths. You can really discover the island in an unique way using either a bike or a scooter.

Boom van Hippocrates
Tree of Hippocrates

Kos is characterized by her beautiful unique little harbors, long beaches and the clear water. These characteristics all help improve your snorkeling experience in Kos. Close to the island you can find a place called Kefalos, which is definitely wort some time take a look at. There are absolutely unique things to see like the mill of Papavassilis, or the different ruins back from the old ages. Back in the city center of Kos City you can find the tree of Hippocrates, the founding father of the medical science. You can find signs of the Greek mythology like these everywhere on the island. With all these things in mind, its not crazy that people have been living on the island since the pre-history, If you are interested in more fun facts about Kos, the Wikipedia page is definitely something to check out.

We have tried to capture the best snorkel spots of Kos. One of the great places to Snorkel is near Tigaki, but you could also check out Lambi. Other great snorkeling spots include Marmari or Mastichari. There are great islands nearby that are easily reached by boat from Kos, which can turn in to a great day trip. You can take a look at Kos for example, which is pretty close. You can also do some great snorkeling in Rhodos if you’ve been to these places before. Snorkeling on Kos is the best from April till October, but there is lots of sun throughout the year. You don’t have to act surprised if its 20 degrees mid November, and the Egeitic sea is relatively warm throughout the year.

Snorkeling on Kos

The great climate on Kos makes perfect snorkeling conditions. The beautiful beaches are often crowded, but not without a good reason. Due to the great weather you can find some less crowded places outside of the high season. As stated before, Kos is one of Greece’s most popular islands which is full of unique history. Our great recommendation is that you at least take a look at the tree of Hippocrates in the center of Kos City

Snorkeling on Kos is a great activity to do on the island and YouTube is full of videos of people snorkeling. The video below should give you a good impression of what you can expect when you snorkel on the island, and you can find many more alike.

In general, snorkeling is best with an easy sun and calm wind. A bright sun can make you sunburned rather quickly, which is why its better to avoid snorkeling during high noon. Regardless of which time of day, make sure you always use good (water-resistant) sunscreen. The wind is always relevant due to the height of the waves it may cause. It will make you feel less comfortable when in the water, as you might feel like you are less in control. It may also cause water to go into your snorkeling tube, which is always a horrible feeling. Luckily, this can be prevented by using a snorkeling mask. Take a look at our snorkeling equipment page if you’re interested in any of those. They are considered a safer alternative to the snorkeling tubes.

The best snorkeling places in Kos are:

  1. Kos Stad
  2. Kefalos
  3. Kamari

Snorkeling Kos I: Kos city

On the eastside of Kos City you will find the beach of Psalidi. You can easily reach it by car and there are enough facilities in the area. The beach has its advantages, but unfortunately also its disadvantages. But, thanks to its convenient location nearby Kos City, its an easy place to start snorkeling on Kos. The beach itself becomes steep soon, which makes it easy to start snorkeling. You should take a look at the winds before going to this place, as it can become quite windy at this place.

Due to the wind there are also a lot of windsurfers in the area. Another minor advantage is the fact that the beach is made of small rocks, so the proper water shoes can really help. The address to the beach is: Psalidi Beach, Kos 853 00, Griekenland

Snorkeling Kos – Psalidi Beach

Snorkelen Kos II: Cavo Paradise Beach

The Cavo Paradise beach is a beautiful beach which is perfect for snorkeling. This beach is only half hour south of Kos in a remote little bay. Be careful not to confuse it with Cavo beach, which is in the east of Kefalos. That beach is a lot more crowded and a lot less beautiful.

Snorkeling near Cavo Paradise Beach is so beautiful because it can be a lot rougher than on other parts of an island. The water gets deep very soon which is why sea creatures are able to take cover under the rocks. They are just waiting for you to go take a peek.

Snorkeling Kos – Cavo Beach

Snorkelen Kos IIV: Kamari

The little town of Kamari actually has a pretty big beach. This means that snorkeling is possible all around Kamari. There’s a beautiful stretch of beach that goes all the way to Kampos. At Kampos however, It’s often quite crowded and less pretty than Kamari. There’s one great place, which is opposite of Kastri Island, that is close to Kampos. You only have to swim a little bit in order to reach it. Be careful however, as there are a bit of water streams when its windy.

Snorkeling Kos – The beach of Kamari

Kos is a beautiful island where you can snorkel at many places. The three places above are just examples and the beginning of what the island has to offer. Have you recently visited Kos and do you have more tips or snorkel places? Is some of our information outdated/not as accurate as you’d like? Leave a comment to help us! That way, we all make sure everyone has the best snorkeling experience on Kos.

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