Snorkeling Tips

Snorkeling is a great activity during your holiday. There is no better way to disengage during your holiday than snorkeling. It is just you, the water and the ocean life.

“Snorkeling is a way to experience a country like no other. You get a peek at the underwater world where you can live and breath with the ocean. You’r time above the water will be spend waiting till you can go downwards again.”

The best tip we can give for snorkeling is: find the best location. There are popular hotspots like the Caribbean that are known for their best snorkeling locations. However, almost every seaside country has their own great location. We have listed the best spots across the world for you.

Snorkeling is often named within the same breath as scuba diving. However, snorkeling is seen as simpler due to the gear and the fact that you can do it during your vacation.

Snorkeling Gear

Having the right gear will improve your snorkeling experience. The souvenir shops at your beach won’t have the best stuff and it will break easily. Websites like Amazon offer cheap but decent alternatives that will stay with you through multiple vacations.

Snorkeling equipment: Water shoes
Snorkeling equipment: Water shoes

Beach Type

Although you might find that sand beaches are more comfortable, it won’t actually improve your snorkeling experience. The sand will make the water less transparent. A rocky beach however brings the fish right to shore and will ensure crystal clear water.

Snorkeling Croatia
Snorkeling Croatia