Snorkeling in Asia

Where can you go snorkeling in Asia? Asia is a popular destination for people who want to snorkel. Snorkeling in Asia is therefore no problem. Especially when you’re busy backpacking it can be nice to know a little bit in advance what the places are. The different beaches are everywhere and not unimportant, pricey. We have captured many places across many different countries in Asia, and there are our favorite snorkeling spots.

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These are our favorite snorkeling spots in Asia

Snorkeling Sri Lanka
Snorkeling in Sri Lanka is possible in many places. With more than 1500 kilometers of beautiful exotic beach, there is

How did we find our snorkeling spots?

We do extensive research based on multiple sources to find the best snorkeling spot in your near area. We have sorted these on a per-country basis to make sure you can always find a spot near you. If you are looking for any other places and you’re not able to find them on our site, please let us know in the comments so that we can improve the quality of our website.