Snorkeling Corfu

Snorkeling Corfu: The 3 best snorkel spots

It’s beautiful to go snorkeling in Corfu. The most northern island of Greece is very suitable to swim and to snorkel. The island is one of the Ionic islands in Greece, together with Zakynthos en Kefalonia. You can find Corfu in front of the coast of Albania, where the shortest distance to the main land is only two kilometers. There are 113.000 people living on the island, with almost a third of that in the capital.

Snorkeling on Corfu is very populair due to the many grind beaches. This is making the water very clear which is why you can see far distances underwater. There is a relative high amount of rain every year which you can combine with the high temperatures of the island which result in the beautifull nature of the island. The green island of Corfu makes one of the best snorkeling places in Europe. There a lots of olive trees which can date back to the ventian times where locals would get a golden shilling for every ten olive trees. To this date, olive oil is still one of the main export products of Corfu. Before the mass tourism started rolling for the island, land prices where actually still based on the amount of olive oil you could get for it.

The venetian time officially ranged from the 14th till the 18th century. During the wars of Napoleon the island was occupied by both the French as the English. In 1815 the island officialy became one of the Ionic island, which were at the time still owned by the British. It wasn’t untill 1864 that the island became part of Greece. Remarkeably the island was never occupied by the Turkish. Due to this, Cricket is still one of the main sports on the island and the houses aren’t painted white-blue.

Snorkelen Corfu - Porto Timono
Snorkeling Corfu – Porto Timono

Snorkeling Corfu

Corfu’s beautiful beaches are perfect to go snorkeling. In the summer time the climate is nice and easy, and the water are in top condition. This is one of the reasons that the island is one of the more populair holiday destinations in Corfu. Another reason might be the unique places of interest that the island has to offer. The most famous attraction the the Achilleion: a palace that was built between 1890 en 1892.

You can find a lot of videos on Youtube with people snorkeling on Corfu. The following clip should give you a good idea of how its like to snorkel in Corfu.

Snorkeling at Paradise beach

Snorkeling is best with high temperatures and an easy calm wind. The less wind there is, the more comfortable you will be in the water. It will be easier t control your posture as well as that there might be less water hitting your tubes. You should be careful with the sun; as you are driving with your back towards the sun and you might easily become sunburned. Make sure that you get some good water resistant suncream before you hit the water. As with everything, safety first in the water is of utmost importance.

Are you looking for a professional snorkeling company to go out snorkeling with on Corfu? There are a lot of companies offering these services. You can check TripAdvisor or ask your local guide which might be best suitable for your needs. Make sure that you check the online reviews before finalising your booking, just to make sure that your getting the best possible experience. Are you still looking for snorkeling gear for your trip? Check our equipment page to find the best possible deals for all your snorkeling equipment.

The three best places to snorkel in Corfu are:

  1. The best spot of Corfu: Snorkeling at Agios Georgios
  2. The runner op snorkeling spot: Porto Timoni
  3. Snorkeling at Paleokastritsa

Snorkeling Corfu I: Agios Georgios

Just north of Paleokastritsa there’s the ‘Agios Georgios’ beach. Agios Georgios is one of the lesser crowded beaches which makes it one of the best places to snorkel in Corfu. It is officially a ‘Blue Flag Beach’ which means that it is internationallt renowned as a clean and safe beach. This makes it very suitable to go with children.You can snorkel in Agios Georgios and it has a huge beach, including all the facilities you might need. You can think about good restaurants, small bars and even hotels. The only downside to this beach is the entrance road, which might be a bit small and crinky; making some people to hesitant to go.

Snorkeling at Agios Georgios

Snorkeling Corfu II: Porto Timoni

On the north-west coast of Corfu you will find Porto Timoni. This beautiful beach has been nicknamed as the ‘Afrionas Twin Beach’. This nickname stems from the fact that there are two beaches so close to each other, only parted by a small stroak of sand. If you want to snorkel here, that means double the opportunities! Where Agios Georgios had all the facilities you might wish for, this place has none. You don’t even have to expect a restroom. It’s really more of a place for adventurers and is only reachable by foot. Good news: It’s not that far, only twenty minutes from Taverne.

Concluding: Porto Timoni is the perfect place to snorkel on Corfu, if you are a bit adventurous. If you are looking for a more approachable spot, maybe to go with children? Then take a look at Agios Georgios or Paleokastritsa.

Snorkeling at Porto Timoni

Snorkeling Corfu IIV: Paleokastritsa

Paleokastritsa might be the best snorkeling spot on Corfu. It’s a combination of different bays, beaches and rock formations. This change of scenery means that there are lots of opportunities to snorkel where it is different every time. The beaches all border directly to villages that have plenty of facilities. It is a bit of a touristy area so you have some tourist shops and a lively village to walk around nearby. In all the bays there are big groups of fishes and the water gets shallow pretty quickly giving you a nice and comfortable snorkeling environment.

Its incredibly easy to reach and the main road of corfu city almost takes you to it. There are multiple staircases in all the villages to reach the beach and at the end of the main road you’ll find a parking spot for your car. The beach and the parking spots are in walking distance.

Snorkeling at Paleokastritsa

Corfu is a beautiful island with a lot of places to snorkel. The three beaches above are only a tip of the (island) iceberg. Have you recently been to Corfu and do you have any great places to snorkel? Let us know in the comments below.

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