Snorkeling Mallorca

Snorkeling Mallorca: 4 best spots you shouldn’t miss

Snorkeling Mallorca is beautiful, easy and very comfortable. The island offers more than enough places where you can jump in to the water. The water is relatively warm and clear, making awesome conditions for snorkeling. The combinations of these things offer more than just entertainment for the average snorkel person though, so the whole is a real tourist hotspot.

Fun facts about Mallorca:

  • Mallorca is officially part of Spain
  • The total size of the island is 3640 square kilometers
  • Although its relative big size, the population is below one million locals.
  • The island of Mallorca is part of the Balearen islands

Best Snorkeling in Mallorca

Snorkeling at Mallorca has many faces. This is the wind direction can differ extremely, and thus you should account for where the wind is coming from. For example, other islands may always have the wind direction to the east and thus making certain snorkeling places better then others. In case you end up at a place that has lots of wind, there is two things you can do:

  1. Start searching for a bay that offers cover by rocks or trees
  2. The obvious and sometimes easier option, drive to the other part of the island

The west coast of Mallorca is mostly rough rock formations that lead in to the sea. Besides that, its surrounded by rocky beaches. The advantage of this is though, that there is no upsweeping winds. The disadvantage is that it can be harder to get in to the water. On the east coast you’ll find the tourists and the sand beaches: practically the opposite. We have tried to get places from both sides so you can be the one to choose where you end up snorkeling in Mallorca.

Snorkeling spot Mallorca 1: Cala Llamp

Cala Llamp is in the east side of Mallorca, just 40 minutes drive out of Palma de Mallorca. Because the current is not that strong in the water here, the rocks under water makes the water quite clear. Its easily reached and there is parking nearby, as well as a beach club including a swimming pool and showers. The only thing you need to do is cross a small tunnel to reach the best snorkeling spots, but its worth it.

Snorkeling Cala Llamp

Snorkeling spot 2: Cala Figuera

This time we’ve found a beatiful snorkeling spot on the north side of Mallorca. The place is called Cala Figuera and is easily reachable by car. Its about a 15 minute walk from the parking place. Definitely worth it for a great snorkeling spot like this. The area surrounding Cala Figuera is similar to what Cala Llamp offers, with a rocky beach and not a lot of wind. Here, you are surrounded by the mountain covers, which gives you a great view plus they shield you against the wind.

If you start googling the name, don’t get confused with a similar named place in the south west of Mallorca – that is really something different.

Snorkelen Cala Figuera

Snorkeling spot 3: Cala Tuent

We are staying in the north of Mallorca for this other great snorkeling spot. This time you can find it under the name of Cala Tuent. It is a small beach north of Port de Soller.

You can reach it by either boat or just by regular car. However, if you do feel adventurous: there are plenty of tour operators that offer transport by boat to this place. To be completely honest: you are not going to find a lot of snorkeling spots in Mallorca that are better than this one. This has the same high mountain shields as well as a good substrate. You can reach the water using either the jetty or just by walking from the beach. If this wasn’t enough, there are also proper snorkeling routes that will give you a great way to get the know the area. The only advantage, the area around the beach isn’t that great. There’s not a lot of facilities around – although you can be back in the car in 15 minutes – so that does not have to be a problem.

Snorkeling Cala Tuent

Snorkeling spot 4: Banyalbufar Beach

When you are around the west of Mallorca, then this is one of the best places you can go to. You’ll find Banyalbufar beach next to the little village of Banyalbufar. Its a typical beach for the west of Mallorca: a bit rough, beautiful and clear water. Due to the great climate and weather of Mallorca you can witness awesome natural light shows on the water. The beach mostly consists of rocks and sand, but that shouldn’t be a big disadvantage. A great tip is to bring good water shoes.

The best snorkeling route you can take is the following:

  • Go in to the water from the right side of the beach
  • Continue until the rocks in the water get bigger
  • Don’t crash in to the big cliffs

You can park your car on walking distance of the beach and there is a small village nearby with delicous restaurants.

Have fun at the beautiful island of Mallorca and all the best snorkeling spots it has to offer. If you have any extra comments or know other great places that you think everyone should know, please let us know in the comments.

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