Snorkeling Ibiza

Snorkeling Ibiza

Snorkeling in Ibiza is amazing and there are plenty of spots to do it. Ibiza is a spanish island that officially belongs to the Baleare’s. It’s 575 square kilometres big making the island the 13th in size of the medeterian sea. In the north east direction of the island you can find the islands of Minorca and Majorca. The tallest mountain on Ibiza is the Sa Talaiassa.

The island is especially popular with youngsters making the nightlife an amazing night out. Europe’s most populair DJ’s often connect themselves to one of the clubs, committing themselves to the playing in the club the whole summer. This makes sure that there are popular DJ’s all around Ibiza.

Ibiza: the island

Equal to the nightlife, the daylife of Ibiza is beautiful. We have found lots of places where snorkeling in Ibiza is great. The water temperature in the summertime is around 20 degrees celcius, making it perfect for snorkeling. The depth of view underwater is fantastic, and there is more than 200 kilometres of coastal line on the island. There’s literally nothing that you can do wrong on Ibiza.

You have different types of coastal lines on the island, including both rock and sand beaches that can include or exclude big rocks to dive from. These charasteristics have effect on the typ eof water and thus wether some places are more fit to snorkel than others. The waterlife is compareable to nearby island like that of Tenerife or Gran Canaria; colourful and diverse. While snorkeling you may find munckfish, makrels and barracuda’s. Also both seaturtles and swordfishes are not oncommon.

The best snorkel places on Ibiza are usually around little bays in the northern part of the island. Especially the bays whose bottom contain of rocks are very suitable. It makes the water a lot more clear. When you go to these type of areas, make sure that you bring some good watersheds, to protect your feet while in the water. All in all, Snorkelen in Ibiza is great!

Snorkeling Cala d’en Serra

This is a famous spot in the north of Ibiza. It’s a small bay that is also very populair with the locals, which is always a great sign. It’s beautiful and quiet. The sight underwater is really good as well as the different type of species you might find. But.. It’s also a bit difficult to reach. However, this might be a positive thing if you are a bit adventurous; because it will be less busy then other spots. The easiest way to reach it is by a small boat ride. There are numerous parties on the island that can drop you off, and websites like tripadvisor are a great way to make sure that you are getting the best deal. Another way is to park your car on top of the hill nearby and walk down. There’s an abandond building where there is an ungaurded parking. Fun fact; this building has parking because at one point it was supposed to be a hotel.

Snorkelen Cala d’en Serra
Snorkeling Cala d’en Serra

Snorkeling Es Pou des Lleo

Es Pou des Lleo is the classic example one of the best places to snorkel in Ibiza. This little Ibizian bay has a small sand beach and is often not to crowded. You can park your car relatively close by making it easy to reach. There are some facilities close by, so you can think about things like a little beach bar, toiles and showers. You can even rent parasols and beachbeds. There’s a small restaurant but this used to be closed from November till March. When you’re looking to snorkel in Ibiza this should be one of the best places to go.

Snorkeling Cala Xaracca

Cala Xaracca is a very calm and remote little bay in Ibiza. The water is is calm and clear which is making it one of the best places to snorkel in Ibiza. Because the bay is a bit remote is a little difficult to reach by car. It’s qjuite a steep entranceway with limited parking facilities once you reach it. The upside is the beauty of the beach, as it could come straight from a postcard. There’s a little restaurant on the beach which is why all in all its a great place to snorkel in Ibiza.

Snorkelen Cala Xarraca
Snorkeling Cala Xarraca

Snorkeling Punta Galera

A final place where you could go snorkeling in Ibiza is near the small town of Punta Galera. This is a bit busy and crowded place where you can relax near nice little beach bars. There is a sandbeach where you’ll be able to directly walk into the water. As said, there’s restaruants, bars and little shops around the area which make it a bit more of a touristic place. That’s a huge difference with the other snorkeling spots in Ibiza, but allows you to combine it with other activities.

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