Snorkeling South Crete

Snorkeling in South Crete

Would you like to go snorkeling in South Crete? We have found the best locations on the island to go to! Did you know that your snorkeling is one of the most popular activities on this Greek island? Many people only know Crete for its festive holidays and spectacular activities, but the underwater world around the island is still seen as a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts and divers. It is of course first of all possible to snorkel around the island yourself. We advise you to look for the somewhat calmer waters. Close to beaches where many people spend their holidays, you may be in for a surprise, but in general it is very cloudy because there are so many people in the water.

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Snorkeling Tips

When you go snorkeling yourself, it is also wise to be informed in advance about the best places and possible dangers.

Of course you are curious about what can be seen under water. First of all, the landscape is beautiful, with the most special reefs and an unpredictable bottom course. There are many different fish with the most special characteristics swimming in the water around the island. However, you will not only encounter fish, but also many other kinds of strange creatures when you go snorkeling in Crete.

Snorkeling South Crete locations

In any case, it will not get bored quickly, because every time you go snorkeling you will encounter new plants and animals.
Snorkel beaches

Below are some of the best beaches for snorkeling. Look for more information about beaches on Crete Beach.

Elafonisi Beach
Fournoti Beach
Bali Beach
Gerani Beach
Balos Beach

Snorkeling at Elafonisi beach
Snorkeling at Elafonisi beach

When looking for additional information, try to avoid the most “normal” websites. Websites such as those of large travel organizations have often only listed entire tourist spots and these are not always the most beautiful places. So try to look a little further at what the beautiful island of Crete has to offer. Snorkeling in South Crete is wonderful!

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