Snorkelling Tenerife

Snorkeling in Tenerife: 3 best snorkeling spots

Tenerife is a great holiday destination where its great to go snorkeling. The canarian island is one of the best climates in Europe, where you can escape the cold winters of the mainland. This overdose of vitamine D will do good to anyone. It’s easily reachable from anywhere in Europe, making it a populair holiday destination. Snorkeling on Tenerife is fantastic, but there are even more canarian islands close. You could consider taking a look at one of our pages about Gran Canaria or Fuerteventure. These islands all have These islands all have great places to snorkel, but it shouldn’t come close to what Tenerife has to offer. The ocean at Tenerife has over 600 different type of fish, making it absolutely unique. For example, have you ever heard of the Trompetfish? This, dolphins and wales are regular in the water near Tenerife. You can find vulcanic rock formations, koralriffs and ship wreckages while snorkeling.

A real unique experience! To get the most out of visiting one of these places, you can take a look at websites like TripAdvisor. These websites gather reviews about all the local snorkeling schools and love to tell you more about their business.

Snorkeling climate on Tenerife

The climate of Tenerife is perfect for snorkeling. The temperature of the water can rise to an average of 23 degrees celcius in the summer, and 19 degrees celsius in the winter. These temperatures are perfect to be able to snorkel throughout the whole year. In the winter you might want to consider renting a wetsuit, for when the water cools down. The south of Tenerife has the better climate, so you might take that in to consideration. There is a relatively calm sea, and the facilities are considered better than the north of the island. This enables you to be able to reach it more easily by car, and you’ll get in to the water quicker.

Best snorkeling places of Tenerife

We love to tell you more about the following best places to snorkel in Tenerife:

  • Snorkeling at El Puertito de Adeje,
  • Montana Amarilla snorkel area
  • Alcála snorkeling

Snorkeling at El Puertito de Adeje

This is an authentic little fishers village, making it a beautiful place to snorkel in Tenerife. Although Tenerife is a popular holiday destination, this place remains relatively peaceful. To be able to snorkel at El Puetrito de Adeje, you’ll be able to walk straight in to the water from the beach. This sand beach is often hot and you’ll find enough facilities near by to serve your needs.

Puertito de Adeje

The under water life of Tenerife makes it a beautiful places to snorkel, and so is this. The landscape might not be the most diverse, but there are a lot of creatures under water to adore. With a bit of luck, you might even be able to find some turtles in this area. A real commendation, this place.

Snorkeling Montana Amarilla

When youre in the south of the islands then Montana Amarilla is a fantastic place to go and snorkel. Montana Amarille, named The Yellow Mountain, is one of the many examples of unique landscape that the island of Tenerife has to offer. The island has so much for people that love to be outside, this being an example. This specific place is located in a marine reserve. The sandbeach is even proptected by law, making it a unique place to snorkel.

Snorkelen bij Montana Amarilla
Montana Amarilla

There are enough facilities nearby and its easily reachable by car. This is one of the better places to go with a family, making it a nice day outing of a couple of hours.

Snorkeling at Alcála

There are also great places to snorkel in the west of Tenerife. One of the best places in the west of Tenerife is Acala. This beautiful place is between Los Americas and the Los Gigantes.

Snorkelen bij Alcála

In this amazing green landscape you’ll have an amazing view of the El Teide and on the ocean. You’ll be able to walk straight onto the beach and directly in to the water. This is one of the more populair places to snorkel in Tenerife.

Do you have any other tips of places to go snorkeling in Tenerife? We are always looking for more information to improve everyones holiday on Tenerife. Are you looking for other places in Spain or Europe to go snorkeling? Take a look at our other pages for more information.

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