Snorkeling at Split

Snorkeling in Split: The best snorkeling spots you can’t miss

Snorkeling in Split is beautiful! Split is the largest city in Dalmatia. With its 200,000 inhabitants, the port city has an important economic and tourist function. It is not for nothing that snorkeling in Spit is very popular and that you have beautiful snorkeling spots. We have selected the best places for snorkeling.

In Split there is a pleasant temperature all year round and with relatively little rain. The port city has various connections with Adriatic islands as well as Italian cities. This ensures that you can rent different boats for snorkeling on the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. The airport of Split is located at Trogir, and you can arrive in the center of Split with direct city buses.

Snorkeling Split

Because of its beautiful location on the water, Split has many beaches where you can relax. The water is relatively calm which ensures that you can already snorkel well close to the city. For example, you can find enough examples on YouTube on beautiful movies made in the area of ​​Split. The video below is from one of the many snorkeling tours that depart from Split.

A video of one of the blue cave tours

Snorkeling at Split is at its best when there is a calm wind and a bit of sun. Too much of both is not good and there is nothing as nice as drying up in the sun when you walk onto the beach. When you use one of the managed tours you can also look at snorkel masks as offered via our snorkel gear page.

The best place for snorkeling: Blue Lagoon

The video above gives a beautiful picture of one of the many tours that you can do from Split. These tours allow you to enjoy wonderful snorkeling in the Split area, taking you to the Blue Lagoon of Drvenik and the Krknjasi Islands. Here you can enjoy snorkeling at a unique location. Highly recommended if you have more time in the area.

Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon in Split

Many of these tours already have snorkel gear on board, so you don’t have to take that into account yourself.

Snorkeling at Hvar

You can also easily reach the island of Hvar from Split. The island of UNESCO island of Hvar is mountainous and does not necessarily have beautiful roads, so a car is not immediately useful. The advantage is that you can also snorkel beautifully in the town of Hvar. It is also a destination for the rich, famous people, so don’t be surprised by the huge boats you’ll see in the journey to the island.

Snorkeling on the island of Hvar

Snorkeling with Vis

You can dive beautifully with Vis. It is an island that is less touristy, so expect fewer facilities. The underwater life on the other hand is great, and you can also eat and drink on the island. The locals are nice and are always happy with tourists, so feel welcome to snorkel at Vis. There is no super professional diving school, so arrange your gear well in advance.


Split is much larger than just these three beaches and you can also snorkel in more locations. Have you ever been to Split yourself? Then contact us so that we can always offer better information to all holiday makers. Snorkelling gear are also always handy to take with you before you go on holiday. That way you are not at the mercy of the bad things that tourist shops sell. Take a look at our Snorkel gear page.

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