Snorkeling Rhodes

Snorkeling in Rhodes

Would you like to go Snorkeling on Rhodes?

Rhodes is one of the Greek islands. You can do a huge amount of things and is therefore also very popular among tourists. One of the things that is popular on the island: snorkeling. Thanks to the clear blue water you can actually look beautifully clean anywhere on the island, but there are a few hotspots where you are sure to be successful.


Kalithea is the place to go for snorkeling. It literally means “good visibility” and this also refers to the color of the water and especially underwater. Thanks to good soil you can look far. With a small bay including a sandy beach you can step right into the water, even with a set of steps. You lie among the rocks to see the beautiful nature, it is definitely worth it and a wonderful experience!

Snorkeling at Kalithea - Rhodes
Snorkeling at Kalithea – Rhodes

Snorkeling Rhodes: Tsambika beach

Fortunately, you can go to more places than just Kalithea. Another possibility is Tsambika Beach. Just like Kalithea it has a beautiful sandy beach and you can walk nicely in the area.

Snorkeling at Tsambika beach

Snorkeling Rhodes: Lindos bay

Another well-known possibility is the bay at Lindos. Although less well-known, you also seem to be able to get some clean under water here.

Don’t forget your swimming gear and enjoy! Rhodes is a beautiful island and you are guaranteed to find something! When you start searching, we really recommend avoiding the websites of the major travel companies! These often only have the more boring tourist spots, which translates into expensive and busy! For example, buy your gear in advance via our page snorkeling equipment page so that you can go straight into the water! This prevents a lot of hassle and it is not that much extra luggage. A small investment that you get back in full!

Are you looking for more information on Rhodes? You can check out the Wikipedia page for some more information. Do you have anything extra to add to our page? Please leave us a comment on your experiences so we can make sure that everyone has a great experience at this great island.

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