Snorkeling Gran Canaria

Snorkeling Gran Canaria: The best spots you can not miss when visiting

Snorkeling Gran Canaria is amazing. Gran Canaria is one of the Canary island and is officially part of Spain. It’s relatively close to either Tenerife and is next to the coastal lines of Marocco. Het climate is nice and warm throughout the full year. Due to the exotic climate Gran Canaria is a great place to find some exotic sea creatures which you’ll have trouble finding any other European hotspot. For example, you can even find octopus or different type of water rays. Due to the great climate you can go snorkeling in Gran Canaria year round.

Snorkeling Spots

The island mostly has a consistent climate, meaning that there’s great places to go snorkeling everywhere on the island. We have found the best snorkeling spots on Gran Canaria according the locals.

Snorkeling Gran Canaria: Playa de El Cabrón

Snorkeling near Playa de El Cabrón is one of the most popular snorkeling spots on Gran Canaria. This is because of the rich underwater life, full of exotic creatures. Thanks to the seagrass and volcanic reefs the under water views are truly unique. For example, you will find youngsters, monk fish and parrot fish. In addition, there are also more special animals in the area. These are, for example, barracudas, octopuses and rays. The visibility is very good because it has the right conditions. It is a bit more difficult to reach and it is advisable to walk the last bit instead of driving. Luckily you can get straight in the water from the beach.

The popularity of the location has unfortunately not lead to great facilities in the area, so make sure you bring the right things before you go.

Snorkeling near Risco Verde

Risco verde is on the east coast of Gran Canaria. Near the place Arinaga is the beach which shows many similarities with Playa de el Cabron. The big difference with this beach is that it is located in a much less popular and tourist area of the island. On the other hand, it is also beautifully close to a beautiful nature reserve. You can also park more easily here because there is a boulevard nearby. You can walk straight into the water via a staircase. So highly recommended!

Snorkeling near El Puertillo

Snorkeling is also possible at El Puertillo. In terms of underwater life it is a bit quieter here than in the other places, but the water on the other hand is also very calm here. In addition, there are nice facilities available and there is a parking space for the car. You can easily enter the water via the beach. For the fish, because there are plenty of them, you have to swim to the rocks in the neighborhood but they are nearby!

Snorkelen El Puertillo
Snorkeling El Puertillo

Snorkeling Gran Canaria: near Sardina del Norte

Finally, you can also go snorkelling at Sardina del Norte. This place has more large fish and even different types of small sharks. These can be, for example, large rays, angel sharks or even a whale shark. It is easily accessible by car and it has a beach and a jetty. Slowly the rocks run into soft sandy soil where you can lie very nicely!

 Snorkelen Sardina del Norte
Snorkeling Sardina del Norte

Are you interested in more places to snorkel within the Canary Islands? For example, take a look at our post about Snorkeling in Tenerife or snorkeling in spain in general. Do you have any tips for other great places to snorkel in Gran Canaria? Let us know in the comments so we can update our information and help everyone enjoy the most out of this great island.

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