Snorkeling Equipment

We always advise to buy your snorkeling equipment before going on your holiday. Yes – it takes some space in your cabin lugage, but the quality is just so much better. We went on Amazon and found the best deals for the best products.

We have listed the most important pieces of equipment. There are now various types of snorkel masks on the market, making it difficult to choose the right one. We have therefore selected a few, so that you no longer have to choose. Don’t you believe us? Then read the positive reviews on Amazon.

You don’t have to buy with us, so you can rely on the great service Amazon has to offer. You get all the things you love, including fast shipping and free returns if you don’t like the snorkeling equipment after all.

These are our recommendations for snorkeling equipment

Full face snorkeling mask ($30)

Snorkel masks in general are the most comfortable way to be in the water. Its the revolution in the snorkeling game and is a must have for anyone that is going to spend some time in the water.

The cost of the masks mostly starts at $30 and the one we’ve picked is the best Amazon has to offer at this time. Because they are more expensive then the old fashioned snorkeling masks we really recommend buying one of Amazon so that you can re-use it on your next holiday.

Snorkeling equipment: Water shoes

Watershoes ($20)

Water shoes are vital for your protection when you are snorkeling. It protects your feet from damage from rocks and makes sure you can enjoy the water care free. Especially with snorkeling spots around rocks, this is a must have.

The water shoes you buy on premise are mostly made for one time use and do not offer as much protection as the ones you buy on Amazon. They are simply higher quality and make sure that you can re-use them. We’ve identified the following, so click the button to find out more.

Campark ACT74 Action Camera

Underwater camera ($40)

Last but not least, we always find it fun to get some footage of the best snorkeling spots we visited. It’s great to show pictures and videos to your family of your latest trip.

These camera’s arent as expensive as they used to be, and they can be found starting at $40. They are also more expensive and well known brands that you can shift to, but for a starter this would defintely do. Interested to find out more? Click the button below to get more details.