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5 best snorkeling spots in Croatia

Most beautiful snorkeling spots in Croatia. We are going to help you find the 5 best places to go snorkeling in Croatia! We have gone through all the information for you to get you started. After reading this post you can use it. Do you still need snorkel gear? You can take a look at our snorkeling equipment page where we advise the best pieces you can buy.

Finding a snorkeling spot in Croatia is not easy. Because the water can be very turbid, especially close to the coast, it is advisable to visit the islands. In the overview below we have listed the best places.

Snorkeling at Polkana

Snorkeling at the “Polkana” campsite at Mali Losinj.

Our number one on this list at Poljana on the island of Mali Losinj. With wind direction from the west it is very easy to do because the bay faces east. The bay itself does not give much protection. This means that there will be waves soon as the wind comes from the north or south. Fortunately, this also means that there is early shade to hide in. Unfortunately for snorkeling this is less good news. After all, it also means that visibility is deteriorating quickly. So go there on time. People who do not stay at the campsite can also go there.

Snorkeling at Polkana in Croatia
Snorkeling at Polkana in Croatia

Krk – Klimno

On the island of Krk there is a shipwreck in the bay “Klimno” at a depth of 10 to 30 meters. The wreck is “the Peltastis” and can also be viewed by inexperienced divers. It is only 50 meters from the coast and is therefore easily accessible. The ship hit a rock during a storm and sunk as a result. The deck, the hull, the cargo space and the engine room are still visible!

Snorkeling at Krk

Snorkeling in Croatia at Susak

The next place in the 5 best places in Croatia is on the island of Susak!

On the island “Susak” lies the beautiful Margarina reef. This reef is a very suitable location for both beginners and experienced divers. This is because it is in shallow water, from 5 meters. The deepest part is 17 meters deep. Here you will find beautiful remains of a wreck and many antique amphoras on the seabed.

Then there is a small opening on the island of Biševo with which you can find The Blue Cave. The opening is large enough for boats to sail through. The cave is called The Blue Grotto because the sunlight reflects through the water and because of this you can see beautiful pink, violet and blue colors.

This place fills in a new top spot. The cave is at its best from the beginning of the afternoon until the afternoon. Through a deeper opening you can go to a number of small caves where many fish can be found. There is also a wall here filled with beautiful sponges.

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